John Johnston, Partner



John Johnston has 20 years of experience in the health care industry with a wide range of roles such as consultant, project manager, analyst, developer, and proposal writer. John’s career has included 3 years as a Vice President, 4 years as a Director, 8 years as a Consultant and 5 years as an Analyst – all within the health care industry. John’s health care experience encompasses several business models including PHO, TPA, MCO, State government and hospital with particular focus in the Medicaid industry.

John’s career goal is to align information technology (IT) strategies with health care management, operational and clinical needs which result in better delivery of care to the consumer. With a unique ability to bridge the gaps among technology, operational and clinical business units, John finds success through effective relationship-building, active interaction with key business managers and having a deep understanding of health care management principles.

As a partner of JS3 Consulting, LLC, John has led the company in obtaining clients that have included both State Medicaid Agencies and Medicaid managed health care plans. 

John as an individual enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and outdoor grilling.


Larry Iversen, Partner



Larry Iversen has almost 30 years of experience in the Medicaid industry with a wide range of state roles including Medicaid Director of South Dakota from 2004 to 2011.  Since 2011 Larry has performed multiple roles including Account Manager, project lead, subject matter expert, and analyst. 

Larry’s career goal is to better align the cost per person for delivery of Medicaid benefits with the improved care for the members. Larry’s roles and growth through learning Medicaid and eventually advancing to Medicaid Director provide a unique understanding of a Medicaid program.

Since moving to the private sector, Larry’s experience and background have helped states by implementing functionality to support their programs and aiding in policy decisions.  

Larry as an individual enjoys classic automobile restoration and auto drag racing.


Randy Miller, Partner



Randy Miller has 19 years of experience in the Medicaid industry with experience working in fiscal agent operations, implementing new MMIS functionality, working within a Medicaid managed care organization, and working within senior management of a state Medicaid agency.  

Randy’s career has included 4 years as a Director, 3 years in account management, 2 years as Senior Project Management, 4 years as a Consultant, and 6 years as an Analyst – all within the Medicaid industry. Randy’s experience supports the Medicaid program from fiscal agent contractor, managed care organization, state employment, and the state consulting role.

Randy’s career goal is to leverage continual improvement within health care management to facilitate improved operational and clinical coverage resulting in better delivery of care to the consumer at a lower price. 

As a partner of JS3 Consulting, LLC, Randy has led the company in improved operations and managing State Medicaid Agency projects including managing the implementation of Medicaid managed health care plans. 

Randy enjoys using and managing technical solutions and outdoor four-wheeling .