Our Clients

Our Clients

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JS3 Consulting, LLC is a firm dedicated to Medicaid health care management, implementation and consulting services. Our list of clients includes State Medicaid Agencies.


Current contracts held by JS3 Consulting, LLC include:

State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Medicaid and Long-Term Care (MLTC

State of Louisiana Department of Health



Specific projects in which JS3 Consulting, LLC has engaged and specializes in include:

  • Strategic Planning: Provide expert consultative advice to develop organization-wide strategic plan including strategic goals, objectives, strategies and action steps; conduct analyses to assess organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; obtain approval and buy-in of executive management; coordinate with management to disseminate strategic plan to managers, supervisors and line staff to ensure an “actionable” strategic plan that guides and monitors operational activities.
  • Eligibility and Enrollment – Affordable Care Act (ACA): Conduct policy analysis and provide summary briefings to Medicaid leadership; provide advice and recommendations on implementation planning; participate in planning and blueprint sessions; coordinate strategy to support implementation of new eligibility system; serve in project management and consultative capacity for client to monitor and oversee vendor eligibility system implementation activities.
  • MMIS Replacement Planning: Serve as Project Manager for MMIS Replacement activities; provide oversight of vendor activities on behalf of client (alternative analysis, market/procurement analysis, business requirements and RFP development); provide consultative assistance in developing business requirements; leverage work effort on MITA, ICD-10 and other projects to inform the MMIS project team.
  • Program and Operational Reviews: Conduct analysis of internal operations including operations (claims, provider screening and call center), professional services, long-term services and supports and eligibility to assess opportunities for improvement; complete gap analysis against regulations to determine potential audit findings; developed and submitted grant application to support program management changes.
  • Process Improvement: Document existing process workflows and identify areas of opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those processes; develop recommendations for presentation to client; work directly with both management and line staff to implement approved enhancements.
  • MITA 3.0: Evaluate and assess detailed MITA 3.0 framework required by CMS; align efforts with MMIS replacement planning activities; facilitate development of long-term business, information and technical architectures; facilitate strategy planning discussions to establish and monitor client goals and objectives; align strategic decisions in a manner consistent with those goals.
  • ICD-10: Perform detailed analysis of impact to client; develop business remediation strategy; coordinate alignment of business and system strategies; facilitate/develop business requirements; provide subject matter expertise, project management and business analysis during implementation.
  • State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (SMHP): Provide critical analysis of new Stage 2 regulations; develop audit strategy and accompanying audit plan; update current plan and APD; facilitate CMS approval of plans; assess need for additional system tools to manage process.
  • Quality Unit: Provide consultative guidance to establish Quality Unit to develop quality of care measurements; define resource skill needs; facilitate deployment and/or update of strategic plan; research and document state best practices and apply to client’s efforts; provide data analytics support and mentoring during Quality Unit start-up.
  • System Change Request (SCR) Process Improvement: Review current SCR process to identify process and communication improvements; coordinate management review and prioritization of existing SCRs; reengineer overall SCR business process from initiation through implementation; analyze and recommend change management software solutions.
  • Managed Care Implementation:  Perform as project leadership for the implementation of a new managed care plan within the state.  Leadership includes managing all activities including State Plan Amendments, major system integration, readiness assessment, go-live issue resolution, etc.
  • Managed Care Enrollment Broker: Managed the implementation and establishment of an enrollment broker to support plan selection for members during managed care implementation.
  • System Testing: Managing and performing system testing to ensure that the system being implemented will support the business needs of the State.